Omágen Inc. is a strategic communications consultancy committed to helping clients connect with the new American mainstream being forged by today’s Latinos/Hispanics. The consultancy specializes in marketing communications and public relations, blending traditional and social media to offer integrated creative ideas and solutions.


    Omágen understands that today’s consumer seeks to be inspired and must be provoked to see, to listen, to understand, and take action. Omágen keeps a pulse on marketing trends while staying grounded in the journalism storytelling ethos and the award-winning work of Oralia Michel, Founder and President. Omágen is well known for delivering results from its base in the heart of Los Angeles, with affiliates in San Diego and Miami. From within the Latino epicenter, we interact daily with the marketplace and consumers that brands want to capture.


    Each client receives personalized service and keeps them staying year after year. Omágen was founded in 2008. Omágen’s roots are in the powerful experience of Michel’s former agency, OMMPR, 1984-2006, the first, and longest operating, Latina-owned, independent Hispanic public relations agency in the nation.